Sangath IPL is a pioneering real estate group that has been transforming the cityscape of TWIN CITY HUB (Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar) for over 40 years. With 36 successful projects, they prioritize using high-quality materials and incorporating nature and future advancements. Their core values include quality, precision, care, and customer satisfaction.
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Current Projects

Quality Life and Green Living

We visited many projects but when we entered POSH it is totaly different world. After shifting to POSH our lifstyle has become health oriented. The online complaint resolution module (CRM) is really good and hassle free which has helped us in resolving any problem. Also their pricing policy is very transparent and fair. Ther are very honest builders whom we can trust blindly.

Mr. Ankur Baraiya

Green building should be encouraged

We visited Sangath IPL group's many old projects and were happy to see the quality of work they are giving. Architecture plays an important role & Sangath IPL has done good architectural implementation which leads to enhanced quality of life. Their green building concept and RCC shear wall concept are really good which enhance the life of the building. Green building should be encouraged and Sangath IPL is playing an important role for that. Sangath team members from top to bottom are having a positive, polite and interactive approach to all. Their concept of vehicle free ground floor, Green building and skywalk is the best. We request Sangath to keep innovating such things for society which are much needed.

MR. Ronak Nagpure

संगाथ - एक छोटा भारता

में यहाँ जुलाई २०१० से हू । यह एक “ छोटा भारत” है। तमिलनाडु, पंजाब,आसाम और अन्य प्रदेशो के लोग यहाँ रहते है । यहाँ पे आवागमन सुगम है। मेरा सारा काम गांधीनगर में है यहा से में परिवार और काम दोनों का ध्यान रख सकता हू ।

MR. Sanjay Palriwala नी

Well-known and Best Project of Ahmedabad

We visited all the schemes of Sangath IPL and we felt that we could not get better than this... be it builder, gentry or concept. We also got positive reviews from many for Sangath IPL. There is a positive vibes. Here our kids are healthier and more developing after shifting to Sangath POSH. We are blessed to have such a home which is away from pollution but with an excellent connectivity. Quality of Home theatre, Gym and other amenities is far better as compared to any other developer's project. For Quality of life, green building concept is best & every builder should follow this concept. Sangath is like a family. They take utmost care about every little thing.

Mr. Alok Khandelwal

Love at first sight

We found the project very good, warm, luxurious, natural, green living & thought of buying it. It was kind of "love at First sight". This society serves my mood fluctuation very well be it library, table tennis, gym, greenery, Sound of splash pool fountain and positive energy of the place. After whole day of hard work, we feel relaxed after entering our house. We have got very good community around, nice, co-operative & educated people from good class around. Builder has constructed all these with lots of warmth and affection. Builder is very prompt and kind in their services which is rare to find these days. Drip irrigation system is helping to sustain greenery. The staff is very co-operative & we give them 5 Stars. They are one of the class builders.

Mr. Ashok Sajnani

પહેલી નજરે પ્રેમમાં પડી જવાય એવું રમણીય !!!

મેટ્રો રેલનો પ્રથમ ફેઝ અહીંથી પસાર થાય છે એટલે ભવિષ્યમાં આવાગમન માટે, અત્યારે છે એના કરતાપણ ખુબજ સરળ થઇ પડવાનું!! પેલું કહે છે ને “સોને પે સુહાગા” એવું જ કંઇક. વળી, તમામ પ્લમ્બિંગ અને ઇલેક્ટ્રીકલ ફીટીંગ ઉત્તમ ગુણવત્તાના છે. ખરેખર આ સ્કીમ પહેલી નજરે પ્રેમમાં

Mr. Bharatbhai Bhatt

Our Life has changed after coming to POSH

When you enter Sangath POSH, it's altogether a different world. Pollution free and fresh atmosphere is what you get here. All things are nearby like grocery, stationary and schools. We celebrated each and every festival or occasion here which we could not do in the last 20 years. Because of global warming, the green building concept is much needed. They have done rainwater harvesting for underground water level recharge. Wind direction and cross ventilation in each apartment and health oriented life because of gym and yoga has resolved my health issues. Staff members are very supportive and their price policy is also very transparent. It is worth paying. We are recommending this project to all because we want all our near and dear ones to enjoy what we are already enjoying here.

Mrs. Chhaya Rupen Parekh

Sangath means togetherness

I was following Sangath IPL since last 10 Years and it was our dream to buy house at Sangath IPL in whole Ahmedabad there is no builder like Sangath IPL I feel proud that I am living at Platinum certified green building project. They have really done best green living. Even the top terrace is having best greenery and amenities that you can spend some good time there. Builder is very co-operative and they are just a call away which is not seen anywhere else.

Dr. Pranav Barot Medical Officer - AMC

one look at sangath said it all !

ભૂકંપ સામે સંપૂર્ણ સુરક્ષા, તે મારી પ્રથમ આવશ્યકતા હતી. ઘણી સ્કીમો જોઈ, પ્રોજેક્ટો ચકાસ્યા અને અંતે, જે જોઈતું હતું તે “સંગાથ”ની સ્કીમમાં મળ્યું. મેં ૨૦૦૪ માં પઝેશન લીધું, મારા મતે લોકેશન અને ગુણવત્તાની દ્રષ્ટિએ આ એક પરફેક્ટ સ્કીમ છે, અહી મળતી સગવડતાઓ શબ્દોમાં વર્ણવી અશક્ય છે. મેં તો મારી પહેલી જ મુલાકતે અહી રહેવાનો નિર્ણય લઇ લીધો હ તો!!

Dr. Rakesh Raval

There is something positive in this land

When my 3 year old grandson entered POSH he said dadu take this house. There is something with the energy of this land. A child is like God. He doesn't know Sangath, or any commercial deals. It's all about energy in this place. "If I reduce for you, I will have to reduce for all, the pricing strategy of Sangath IPL" It's a pleasure that they follow such principles. Whatsoever they have said, they have done that much or a more. As I know there are very few builders in Ahmadabad who say something else and do something else. If I still have a chance to buy another house, I will buy in Sangath IPL


Green building with RCC shear wall is amazing

First time when I entered POSH, the beautiful gardens and the general atmosphere was mesmerising for me. RCC shear wall structure is very important and the layout plan is very good. If anyone needs to buy any property, I would strongly recommend them to see all sangath IPL properties. Builders tend to change their nature once the flat is sold, but it is not the case with Sangath IPL. I wish the best to team sangath IPL.

Mr. Ashish Mathur

sangath! one lucky place to be!

मेने अहमदाबाद में आने के बाद श्रेष्ठ बंगलोज के बारे मे सुना जो औऍनजीसी के पास है. मेने यहाँ घर ख़रीदा. यहाँ में पिछले १८ साल से रह रहा हु. मेरे पास एक फ्लेट था अब चार कार हे यह जगह मेरे लिए भाग्यशाली हे अगर मुझे भविष्य में कही इन्वेस्ट करना हो तो में संगाथ में करूँगा.

Mr. Devdutt Sharma

Living in POSH = Living in hill station

After entering POSH we really felt some positive vibration. It is like you have entered a whole new world. POSH is always worth. They have very ethical practice and transparent deal. After coming to POSH, our lifestyle has changed. It is like a high profile resort. We wish we would have come here earlier.

Mr. Ashok Gaglani

Sangath POSH means home in garden

Basically we are from Karnataka. From last 2 years we wanted to buy a flat in Sangath platina, but that project was sold out. Somehow, We got to know Sangath IPL has launched POSH, So it was great opportunity for us to buy in Posh, when we entered first time in Posh we feel greenery like Karnataka Bellgam. So we decided to buy a property in Sangath Posh. Due to connectivity of ring road it's easy to reach any where, it's a big advantage of this location. The best thing for Sangath posh is forest concept, atmosphere & on each floor only 2 apartments, So we have privacy over here.

Dhanjay Patel


संगाथ पायलोंन में रहना प्रकृति के सानिध्य में रहने जैसा है । यहाँ सुबह अत्यंत रम्य एवं आनंददायक है। शाम भी शांत करने वाली होती है। यहाँ के रेसिडेन्ट को मेडिटेशन की आवश्यक्ता नहीं हे । परिवेश बहुत अच्छा है। यहाँ से सभी जगह गांधीनगर, विमानतल या शाहीबाग आराम से ५-१० मिनिट में पंहुचा जा सकता है।

Mrs. Heena Agnani

Good to be a part of Sangath IPL family

We were searching property from 2 years. Finally we got it in POSH. Our guest feel Wow when they visit here. The staff of sangath IPL has treated us like a family. We really feel it's a good location for the connectivity for everywhere. Now a days, many of the projects have residential & commercial both in one project. And we always wanted to live in the project which only has residences. So we are happy here. I really appreciate that Sangath IPL believe only in white payment.

Mr.Mukundrai Maheta

I have a home in resort

I feel I am in resort. Sangath IPL is known as one of the best builders in Ahmedabad. The main thing is they are trustable, they are known for their quality & you feel like you are very close to someone. All residents over here are highly educated & it's nice to have good people around you. Green Building Concept of Sangath IPL is very rare to find out. Every year they come with innovative ideas & concepts. They have provided everything in posh. We are not getting a chance to ask or demand something because we already have everything over here. Frankly speaking, I feel like As if I am doing marketing for this company, I have been telling people if you want something good so you should contact Sangath IPL Sangath IPL provide WHAT YOU DREAM FOR!

Mr. A.K. Das